performance and development agreements

The AOFM is currently working on Performance and Development Planning templates and would like to hear from Agencies with effective Performance Agreements. If possible, we would love to review your performance agreement templates.

Those who are willing to share, please send to or contact Tanya on 6263 4388.

Many thanks.

e-Learning content

The Clean Energy Regulator would like to hear from agencies who use eLearning content like from Go1 and LinkedIn Learning and what you like or dislike about the provider and what works or doesn’t work for your staff.

Please contact us at CER-LearningandDevelopment or 02) 6159 3167 to have a chat about your organisation’s eLearning ūüôā

Mentor and Mentee guidelines

Do any agencies have Mentor and Mentee guidelines that they own the IP for that they are willing to share with the National Archives of Australia.

If so, could you please send through to

Thank you.



Ronelle Seaton

A/g Assistant Director Capability and Inclusion | People and Culture

mandatory training information request

The AFP Learning and Development Command are currently reviewing their mandatory training requirements and would love to hear from other agencies regarding:

What does your organisation have in their mandatory training suite (both online and face-to-face training)?

How does your organisation go about identifying new mandatory training requirements?

Please contact us at or 02) 5126 7222 to have a chat about your organisations enterprise wide training!

sexual harassment training

Department of Parliamentary Services are seeking members’ assistance in sourcing training to meet employers’ positive duty to prevent sexual harassment. Please reach out to Hee Jin Choi, Assistant Director Legal and Conduct, via email at or by phone at 6277 9751.

Thank you, members!

New Starter InducTION checklist

Hi everyone,

At the Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA), we are currently refreshing our induction process. As part of this are looking to develop a new starter checklist which will include all things that new starters should be across within their first week i.e.  where the toilets are, the fire stairs, the social club, what the IT helpdesk number is etc.

I am sure this information is detailed in all your inductions in some format or another, but I am specifically looking for anyone who may be able to share a specific checklist if you have one.

Please email me at

Thank you in advance.

Madeleine Cameron

L&D Officer ACMA

Conference attendance guidelines

Hi everyone,

I am needing to develop a set of guidelines/policies around conference attendance for example who can attend, how often, how many from a department to ensure inclusivity and fairness is the approach. I am hoping that someone has already developed these policies/guidelines and would be willing to share.

Thank you,


Assistant Director Capability Development | People & Culture | Corporate Services Division 

Australian Financial Security Authority

Reward and Recognition Framework- request

The Australian Sports Commission is reviewing their reward and recognition framework and would like to see what other APS agencies have. If you can share please contact Ellie Holst at or on T:  +61 2 6214 1026.



Management mentor Program examples/information

The Climate Change Authority will be establishing a Management Mentor Program in 2023 involving SES Officers and EL2 Managers.

We would love to hear from other small agencies able to share their Management Mentor program examples/information.


Michele Smith

A/HR Manager

Direct (02) 6243 7930

M 0400 021 971


Supporting ONGOING AND NON-ONGOING EMPLOYEES in Formal Study Programs

The National Archives is interested in connecting with any agencies that have supported the formal study of ongoing or non-ongoing employees. For background, the National Archives is partnering with a university to design a 12 month Entry Level Cadetship Program that includes completion of a Graduate Certificate. The National Archives is interested in understanding how agencies have supported these arrangements without employees being placed in financial hardship (for upfront course fees), and how agencies ensured the investment was not lost through non-completion or early exit from the agency. We are conscious that an upfront payment / later reimbursement model may make the program less accessible from an inclusion and diversity perspective.

Please email Rony Seaton at