HArassment contact officer network guidelines request

The Department of Parliamentary Services is currently in the process of reviewing it’s Harassment Contact Officer Network.

We would be interested to receive other agencies guidelines/policies for their HCO or equivalent networks.

If agencies are able to share the relevant documents, we would be grateful if they could please be sent to ellen.patat-tanevska@aph.gov.au.

Kind regards,

Ellen Patat-Tanevska

HR Advisor Legal and Conduct | Corporate Operations Branch

Corporate Services Division

T: 02 6277 9772 | E: ellen.patat-tanevska@aph.gov.au

Parliament House | PO Box 6000 | Canberra ACT 2600

I acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people, who are the traditional custodians of the land on which Australian Parliament House is situated – an area where people have met for thousands of years.



ACMA are looking into developing an integrity framework and accompanying processes and keen to see what other agencies are doing in this space. Aimee Kerin from HR would love to hear from you if you can contact her at either aimee.kerin@acma.gov.au or 02 6219 5454.


I am keen to hear from other agencies on the ratio’s of EL2 Directors to staff in HR and Corporate roles particularly the specialist roles that may not have direct reports.

Our Exec has asked if I can find out what other agencies have in the way of EL2 staff in HR/Corporate to ratio of staff i.e., span of control and size of agency total and do any small to medium sized agencies have EL2 HR/Corporate specialist that don’t supervise staff? 

Kristy-Leigh Anderson

Assistant Director | Human Resources

Productivity Commission

Ngunnawal Country

4 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600

p. +61262403285 | kristy-leigh.anderson@pc.gov.au


Sexual harassment framework – positive duty

As you are no doubt aware, the positive duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment (and other gender-based conducts of concern) will be enforced from December 2023. DPS is seeking the following resources (draft or final) relating to this new statutory obligation:

  • Policy
  • Procedures, including complaint management
  • Training
  • Risk assessment and management tools.

Please contact me as below, and thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hee Jin Choi

Assistant Director | Legal and Conduct

Corporate Operations Branch | Corporate Services Division

T: 02 6277 9751| E: heejin.choi@aph.gov.au


ANAO is currently undertaking a review of all its HR policies/procedures and the HR Policy Framework.

We are hoping some agencies would share with us:

  • how their HR Policy Framework is structured
    • do their policies include procedures are these separate
  • a list of HR policies that sit within that framework
  • a copy of their policies

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Karen Gruber

Director | People Advisory

Australian National Audit Office

Tel: 02 6203 7572

Social media policy

Good morning all and happy new year.

I currently work for the NIAA and we are in the process of developing new policies. Hoping to collaborate with some other agencies here.

Are there any social media policies that an agency would not mind sharing to assist us in the development of ours?

I am also after a Workplace Consultation Policy or Guideline that other agencies might be using.

Many thanks in advance.

Michael Gruber (michael.gruber@niaa.gov.au)

HR Related Complaints/Grievances Policies or Procedures

I would be interested to know if any SAF members have any policies or procedures for managing different types of HR related complaints or grievances that they would be happy to share.

Many thanks


Justine Roarty | Assistant Director Workforce Capability

People and Culture

Business Enabling Services

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

GPO Box 3262, Sydney NSW 2001, Australia

P: +61 2 6770 2472

justine.roarty@apvma.gov.au | apvma.gov.au

Alumni Programs

AUSTRAC would like to hear from agencies able to share their Alumni Programs.

Please contact naomi.curry@austrac.gov.au or (02) 9950 0434 if you’re able to help.




If anyone has any COI policy/guidance material they are willing to share please send to Rochelle.Taylor@dha.gov.au

Consultative Forum

We are currently looking to review our Consultative Forum (Forum) and are seeking to gain some insight into how our counterparts in other agencies are managing their Forum (or their agency’s equivalent).

By way of background, our Forum consists of management (SES) and employee representatives. It conducts quarterly meetings with the view to facilitate discussion and ensure mutual understanding between management and employees who are affected by management decisions. These forums are important in that they give a voice to employees and allow their concerns and interests to be represented to upper management. This promotes a collaborative and healthy working environment.

My understanding is that other agencies have adopted different nomenclature, however, the essence of these Forums are similar.

In particular, we are interested in:

  • How subcommittees are formed and operated,
  • Membership to the Forum,
  • Whether members to the Forum also include representatives from diversity networks, and
  • Any other information or materials as to the constitution and operation of their Forums.

Please contact me on the details below if you can assist.

Warm regards,

Hee Jin Choi

Legal Officer | Legal and Conduct

Corporate Operations Branch | Corporate Services Division

T: 02 6277 9751| E: heejin.choi@aph.gov.au

Parliament House | PO Box 6000 | Canberra ACT 2600