WHS Framework

APSC are currently looking to implement a new WHS Framework and are hoping to obtain copies from other agencies.

Kind regards,

Sophie Bailey

Senior HR Adviser
People Team | Enabling Services

Australian Public Service Commission



Mental Health First Aid Officers & Policy

Hi Everyone,

I am keen to connect with agencies who have trained Mental Health First Aiders in place and have an associated Mental Health First Aid policy – I am hoping you would be able to talk me through your process and share your policy. I’d also be keen to talk to agencies who investigated MHFA and decided not to proceed. You can reach me at rebecca.mead@arc.gov.au . Thank you ūüôā

necessary and essential travel

As part of its assurance functions, the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman undertakes regular inspections of various agencies and facilities. These have been conducted remotely during the pandemic, but we are now recommencing some in-person inspections and are also considering the extent to which we may be able to recommence interstate travel by inspection staff.

We would be interested to know if your agency has explored what is necessary (or unnecessary) travel, and what is essential travel, within the context of these two advices.

Circular 2022/1: COVID-19 leave arrangements | Australian Public Service Commission (apsc.gov.au)

Information for workers from Australian Government Agencies, services and programs visiting remote communities | Australian Public Service Commission (apsc.gov.au)

If there is any information you would be willing to share with us (including verbally over the phone) before cob Thursday 17 February, it would be very welcome.

Kind regards


Belinda Miners

Assistant Director

Human Resources


Proud to be working on the lands of Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples

Phone:   02 6198 9445

Email:    Belinda.Miners@ombudsman.gov.au

infection control policy or guideline

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) are looking to make contact with any Agencies who have developed or implemented a general Infection Control Policy or Guideline.

If you can help please contact:

Angela Farrell

HR Officer, APVMA

02 6770 2425 and angela.farrell@apvma.gov.au

Provision of rapid antigen tests for employees

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions would like to make contact with other Agencies that do, or are considering,  providing Rapid Antigen Testing kits to staff who regularly liaise with external parties face to face or are required to travel domestically, as part of their duties.

If you are currently implementing this process or are considering implementing a similar process, please contact Kerry Miles, Assistant Manager, People Programs and Case Management on Kerry.Miles@CDPP.gov.au .

RISK ASSESSMENTs for Jawun or similar

I am looking for any examples of WHS assessments conducted for Jawun placements or similar. I appreciate any assistance.


Karen Johnston


mental health and wellbeing policies/programs

The Department of Parliamentary Services is looking to revamp our mental health and wellbeing program and would like to hear from agencies who are willing to share their policies or programs that form the basis for respectful workplaces. Particularly where they help to promote a Mentally Healthy Workplace.

Please contact Marijana Trewartha at marijana.trewartha@aph.gov.au or (02) 6277 2885.

whs contractor management policies and/or procedures

Hoping there are agencies who can share their WHS Contractor Management policies and/or procedures with me.



Nik Skiadopoulos

Manager, WHS & Risk

National Capital Authority

post covid lockdown transition to the office

The AIHW is preparing for their post-lockdown transition to the office and are keen to hear from other agencies who are willing to share information on how they are managing this, if they have plans in place to deal with a confirmed Covid-19 case in the workplace should this happen, and what they have communicated to employees.

Please contact Josie Le at josie.le@aihw.gov.au.


Hi there, was hoping someone from the group could share what they have in the way of a WHS Training needs analysis matrix.

Thanks in advance.

Prue Miller