Early Intervention

The Department of Parliamentary Services is seeking to gain insight into how other agencies manage their Early Intervention (EI) Programs. They would appreciate:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Any information around the boundaries/limitations of their EI programs
  • Any additional information provided to their employees in relation to their Early Intervention Programs


Kind regards

Barbara Ploy

Rehabilitation Case Manager | Safety and Rehabilitation

(WHS, Rehabilitation, Nurses Centre, Health and Recreation Centre)

Corporate Operations Branch | Corporate Services

T: 02 6277 9702 E: barbara.ploy@aph.gov.au


WHS Policy

Hi everyone!

I am looking for agencies willing to share their WHS policy as we are looking to refresh ours.

Please contact me at jessica.ewing@pmc.gov.au.

Thanks so much for your help!


This query is directed to agencies who are offering employees early intervention reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses for injury/illness which is having a negative impact in the workplace. Do you have a cap on such expenses and if so, what is your cap? Any related policies you are willing to share would be most welcome.

Michelle Vrkic

HR Officer People Team, APSC


t: 02 6202 3583

Independent Medical Expert assessments

Cancer Australia has a member who is returning to work from a long term illness. We would like any information, in regards to who you use, or if you use a provider, that advises on the best independent medical expert for fitness for duty/return to work?


Colette Pentecost

Assistant Director HR & Corporate Services

Cancer Australia


P: + 61 2 9357 9428

M: 0418 880 061

Workplace contact officer/ harassment contact officer

The AEC is working on reinvigorating the AEC Workplace Contact Officer framework, and would appreciate seeing how other agencies have created theirs and what kind of resources they’ve used.

Kind regards

Shanti | Wellbeing and Employment Frameworks

Employee Relations and Wellbeing, People Branch

Australian Electoral Commission

T: 02 6160 2609

Safe Driving Policy

The NCA is hoping other agencies may have a Safe Driving Policy they can share.

Kind regards,


Nik Skiadopoulos | Manager WHS and Risk

National Capital Authority


0407 736 010

Domestic and Family Violence Policies

Hi all,

I am hoping agencies which have an updated domestic and family violence policy with the new amendments included which came into effect today are able to share.


Nicole McGlynn

Director – People

Corporate Branch

National Emergency Management Agency

Phone: (02) 6113 9867


Child Safe Framework/ WWCVP policy

Hi all,

Does anyone have a working with children and vulnerable people policy/process? We are currently devising one at NIAA so any documentation that you might have would be great.


Michael Gruber (michael.gruber@niaa.gov.au)

Request for Mental Health Framework

CDPP would like to hear from agencies who have a mental health framework that they are able to share.

Many thanks,


Assistant Manager, WHS and Wellbeing

Direct line 02 6206 5632 | 0437 917 496

WHS Risk Register

I am in the process of updating our WHS Risk Register and was wondering if other agencies were willing to share theirs?

Kind Regards,

Michelle Vrkic

Human Resource Officer | People Team | Enabling Services Group

Australian Public Service Commission

t: 02 6202 3583

w: Michelle.Vrkic@apsc.gov.au