Seeking desensitised data in the Rehabilitation space

Hi Everyone

National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) are hoping to look at some desensitised data in the Rehabilitation space, to compare how we are tracking in comparison to similar size agencies. We would appreciate if you could share the following data:

Current staffing numbers (headcount) – xx *Not including contractors.

Open/Closed compensation claims for financial year 2022/23 total number – xx – if data permits this could be broken into:

  • Open physical – x
  • Open psychological – x
  • Closed physical – x
  • Closed psychological – x.


Open Non-Compensation – xx If data permits this could be broken down into:

  • early intervention – x
  • physical/psychological – x/x
  • work/non work related – x/x


WHS Incidents 2022/2023 financial year or other reporting period e.g calendar year or YTD – total xx

  • physical – x
  • psychological – x


I can be contacted via email

With thanks in advance

Kind Regards

Bernadette White

HR Advisor | Conditions and Wellbeing Team | Corporate Branch
National Emergency Management Agency

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