Classification Review

The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) will need to procure consultant services to conduct a classification review of our Mechanical Services area that contains a large number of trade roles.

DPS is seeking information about appropriate consultants considering the nature of this workforce from any other agencies who have conducted similar reviews of trade employees.

Please contact the DPS Workplace Relations team at if you could provide any information.

Work Force Plan


I am from the Australian Institute of Family Studies and my HR team are currently developing a Workforce Plan and I was wondering if any ‘like agencies’ (research based) would be willing to share their Workforce Plan with us please?

Kind Regards


REwards and recognition programs

We are looking into our Rewards and Recognition policy and program within the APSC and was wondering if any other agencies will be willing to share theirs.

I have found a few on the forum but was hoping to link in with some others also, we are particularly keen to hear how you assess nominations is it on the DRIVE model or another rating assessment scale?

Thank you in advance

Kristy Anderson

Assistant Director

People Team | Enabling Services

Australian Public Service Commission

t: 02 6202 3823   

360 degree – ses performance leadership framework

Hi SAF members,

The new SES Performance Leadership Framework requires agencies to have a 360-degree process for their SES.

The National Archives does not have a 360-degree process in place, and we only have 5 SES. Do you have a 360-degree process in place for your SES, did you engage a consultant or create your own 360-degree feedback in-house?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


Catherine Elrick
Senior HR Advisor, Performance & Employee Relations

p 02 6212 3461
Kings Ave, Parkes ACT 2600
PO Box 4924 Kingston ACT 2604 |

Performance Frameworks and Termination Calculation Spreadsheets

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) are seeking examples of Performance Frameworks as we look to redesign our processes. Any information, from policies to templates, would be greatly appreciated.

We are also seeking termination calculation spreadsheets that do not contain macros.

Please contact us at with anything that you are willing to share, and if you are comfortable with us sharing with other agencies who also provide input.

Overseas exchange program

Hi everyone, at AFSA we are looking to establish an overseas exchange program with a similar agency (potentially the NZ public service initially).

I’d be keen to touch base with anyone who has experience setting up or running a similar program, particularly in terms of the logistics we might need to manage.

My email is if anyone has any advice they would like to share.

Many thanks,

Dan Egan

Evaluating Regulatory Systems MicroCert available

The APS Academy has partnered with the University of Melbourne to design an innovative approach to public sector capability development.  This post-graduate micro-credential, co-designed with practitioners from across government, is highly relevant and fit-for-purpose to build the capability of public sector regulatory staff.


Over 6 weeks, participants in this online course will:

  • Enhance understanding of government regulatory systems
  • Gain essential skills to evaluate regulatory processes
  • Develop solutions for complex regulatory problems
  • Enhance understanding of the role of regulators as stewards
  • Critically analyse regulatory systems to support agencies’ and individuals’ make decisions in the public interest.


If you have regulatory practitioners in your agencies who wants to improve skills in public sector regulatory practice, then this is for them. Staff from diverse backgrounds of educational or disciplinary fields will together learn more about key concepts, frameworks, and skills required of regulators.


The Evaluating Regulatory Systems MicroCert provides:

  • access to industry focused learning and development opportunities
  • credit towards postgraduate degrees and unlock pathways to further studies
  • improved capability with an industry recognised digital certificate
  • knowledge of regulatory decision making.


The course costs $1,990 (incl. GST) with the next intake commencing on 12 June 2023. Once successfully completed, an Evaluating Regulatory Systems MicroCert be awarded. This digital certificate will warrant the achievement of knowledge, skills and capabilities outlined in the learning outcomes.


Register interest before Sunday 11 June 2023.

Reward and Recognition Framework- request

The Australian Sports Commission is reviewing their reward and recognition framework and would like to see what other APS agencies have. If you can share please contact Ellie Holst at or on T:  +61 2 6214 1026.



Small agency turnover- benchmarking – anyone measuring this?

I am doing some benchmarking on small agency turnover for us in comparison to other like sized agencies (100-250 employees) I was wondering if any other agencies have gathered this information more recently than June 2022 that would be willing to share with me?

Kristy-Leigh Anderson

Assistant Director | Human Resources

Productivity Commission

p. +61262403285 |

Request for Performance Framework Policy/Guidance and Templates

IGT are currently reviewing the performance management framework in our agency in alignment with Performance Management in the APS.docx ( – particularly focused on how to align with the below excerpts.

Excerpts from Performance Management in the APS.docx (

Employees and supervisors are responsible for designing tailored performance agreements that include expected behaviours, goals, and deliverables, and which also allow for aspirational targets without instilling a fear of punishment or penalty if an employee fails to meet these.

Keen to hear from agencies and, if possible, receive:

  • Performance framework policy/guidance from agencies.
  • Performance framework templates – eg performance agreement template and/or performance appraisal template.


Many thanks.