Request for Performance Framework Policy/Guidance and Templates

IGT are currently reviewing the performance management framework in our agency in alignment with Performance Management in the APS.docx ( – particularly focused on how to align with the below excerpts.

Excerpts from Performance Management in the APS.docx (

Employees and supervisors are responsible for designing tailored performance agreements that include expected behaviours, goals, and deliverables, and which also allow for aspirational targets without instilling a fear of punishment or penalty if an employee fails to meet these.

Keen to hear from agencies and, if possible, receive:

  • Performance framework policy/guidance from agencies.
  • Performance framework templates – eg performance agreement template and/or performance appraisal template.


Many thanks.

Request to share Policies

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority would like to hear from agencies able to share their policies, procedures or frameworks for the following strategies:

  • Operational workforce strategy
  • Mobility framework for staff and SES (including the actual process of implementation)
  • Procedure on intake of University PhD and Post Grad students
  • Reward and recognition program
  • Internal development program – pathway to retention and development

The MDBA is very happy to share back with the SAF community once finalised and implemented.

Thank you


Christie Bibo

Assistant Director, People and Culture
Business Services Portfolio

Murray–Darling Basin Authority
Canberra | Ngunnawal Country

Phone: 02 6279 0113

recognition framework / policy / programs

Hi everyone

At the Australian Electoral Commission, we’re about to commence a review of our Recognition framework to ensure it includes contemporary initiatives and approaches.

If you’re interested in discussing this topic, particularly approaches that have had a positive impact on the workforce, or not…, please feel free to email me at

Just as an FYI, I recently arranged a group discussion via Teams about Exit Surveys. It was well attended by our APS colleagues with valuable insights shared.

If there’s sufficient interest resulting from this post, I’d be happy to arrange a group discussion on Recognition via Teams as well.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!



talent and succession mANAGEMENT

We would like to hear from other agency’s who have a current Talent and Succession Management approach that they use, and are keen to understand what does it look like in practice. Anything that has been rolled out utilising the APSC’s talent management guide and toolkit would be great.


Kelly Cording

Manager People Capability

Performance Rating Scales

We’re currently looking into reviewing our performance framework and I’m doing some high level research to see what performance rating scales other agencies are using.

I was wondering if agencies had any information/policies that they could share?

Kind regards,


Gabriel Fattal | Senior HR Advisor

People & Culture Section (Performance & Wellbeing) | People & Property Branch

Australian Electoral Commission

Request for People Strategy

Australian Sports Commission are keen to hear from agencies who have a People Strategy in place and addressing some of the challenges of the new COVID environment.

Please respond to

Many thanks,

Martina Woodford
Workforce Engagement & Development




Performance & Development Plan Discussions

The Australian War Memorial are interested to know what other agencies do to ensure performance plan/achievement and development plan discussions are held regularly and online forms are up to date.

Kind regards Janette

Janette Keynes

Acting HHR | Corporate Services | t 02 62434295| m 0428537535


Hi everyone.

Here at the National Archives we are also looking at our Performance Management policies and procedures so would also like to see what other agencies have in place.

More specifically I would like to see performance management template and procedures that compliment and provide additional guidance about implementing the policy. Also, if anyone incorporates a Capability Framework into their policy or template, I’d love to see how you did it.

Any information would be most appreciated.


Anthony Rosson

people plan/people strategy examples

In 2022, the Australian Sports Commission are looking to create a People Plan or People Strategy.

We are hoping other agencies are willing to share their plan/strategy with us if they have one.

Please contact;

Tara McGowan
Workforce Development & P&C Communications Officer
People and Culture

The Australian Sports Commission
T   02 6214 1141

performance management and underperformance policies

The Clean Energy Regulator is looking to update their performance management and underperformance policies and would like to hear from agencies who are willing to share their policies.

Please email