Panel member training

Keen to hear from any agencies who have recently developed any in-house panel member training.

Thanks, Priscilla

Workforce Planning – Consultation

The Australian Institute of Family Studies is in the process of developing an organisation-wide workforce plan to identify our current and future workforce needs.

One part of this initiative involves analysing our Corporate Services workforce to ensure we have the skills and capabilities necessary to fulfill our strategic objectives.

We would like to talk with other Human Resources professionals who have undertaken a similar process and are interested in sharing their insights with us.

If you would like to assist, please contact Marisa Rametta via

Relocation assistance

Good afternoon,

The ANAO People Team are currently reviewing our relocations assistance policy. We’d love to hear how other agencies approach relocation assistance and see their policies/guidelines if anyone would like to share them with us?

Many thanks,

Karen Gruber

Project Officer | People Team 

Corporate Management Group

Australian National Audit Office

Tel: 02 6203 7572

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I reside and work, Ngunnawal Country, and pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Upcoming Changes to Non-ongoing Provisions

Hi All,

With the new regulations for Non-ongoing provisions coming into effect December this year which will limit the use of fixed term contracts for the same role beyond two years (including renewals) or two consecutive contracts. Would anyone able to share how your agency is going about implementing these changes?

We’re particularly interested in the management of this rollout for staff you have on contracts that will exceed two years come December. We have sought legal advice, but it would be great to bounce around ideas about how other agencies are planning to manage these changes.

It would be great to chat here on the forum so it’s visible to others, otherwise my email is

Thanks so much!

Recruitment Metrics

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) would like to hear from agencies that capture recruitment data and analytics.

We are particularly interested in time metrics data such as time to fill and KPI data for timeframes in the recruitment process.

If you would like to share how you capture this data, and would be happy to share your findings, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us by emailing

Selection Report template

IP Australia are refreshing their Selection Report template and hoping to review other agency’s templates.


Anyone able to share can email their templates to

Probation guidelines and procedures

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is currently reviewing their Probation Guidelines and Procedures. I would be interested in hearing from Agencies regarding how they manage their 3 month and 6 month probation reviews, including whether they have automated the process. My contact details are:
Phone: 02 9942 4230

SES induction

Does your agency have an SES induction program you are able to share? Please email

Entry Level Programs: Remote positions

The People Team from the Australian Public Service Commission is seeking the below information from small to medium sized agencies.

  • Did you offer remote entry level program positions for your 2022 & 2023 cohort? If so, how many?
  • What does the virtual program look like (travel, communication level, supervisor engagement, etc.)?
  • What do you do differently from your program that’s for participants in person?
  • What has been successful?
  • What challenges have you faced?
  • Will you be offering virtual entry level program positions for 2024? If so, how many?


If responses can be emailed to, that would be greatly appreciated.

Position description Chief Scientist Role

The MDBA is seeking a position description for a Chief Scientist, preferably at the SES level.

If you have anything to share it would be greatly appreciated.

With thanks