Request for onboarding surveys

Hi SAF members,

I am updating CASA’s onboarding survey and am wondering if organisations are able to send me their onboarding/entry surveys for reference.

I’m also interested to know if onboarding surveys are issued during the 1st week, 3month or 6month mark.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Fatima Lay
Workforce Planning
People and Capability Branch
CASA\Corporate Services

elearning – recruitment best practice

Austrade is interested in hearing from agencies who have developed recruitment best practice education tools and/or developed a self help elearning modules to educate hiring managers/selection panels on merit, recruitment myths, transparency, diversity & inclusion and unconscious bias.

We are looking at just in time education rather than mandatory compliance refresher training.

Please contact

Onboarding procedures, induction and mandatory training

The APVMA is reviewing our onboarding procedures as well as our induction and mandatory training. We would love to see how other agencies approach onboarding. And we would particularly love to see Mandatory training policies if anyone would like to share.

Many thanks


Justine Roarty | Assistant Director Workforce Capability

People and Culture

Business Enabling Services

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

GPO Box 3262, Sydney NSW 2001, Australia

P: +61 2 6770 2472 |

classification structures – Planning, Risk and Audit

Hi all

The MDBA is interested to find out what your classification structures are in your agencies for Planning, Risk and Audit functions. We are interested in knowing how your teams are structured, reporting lines and copies of any available position descriptions.

If you would be willing to share, please email

Many thanks

Establishment Management Uplift Project

We are undertaking an ‘Establishment Management uplift project’ with the purpose to review, recommend and implement new establishment management practices at Geoscience Australia.

What we are looking for is information on what processes other HR departments/agencies have in place when;

1)    Changing a position number

2)    Changing reporting lines

3)    Changing the name of a position, or any changes to a position.

We would also love any documentation agencies are happy to share i.e. forms employees/managers complete for this purpose.

Kind regards,

Brooke Wood  |  HR Policy Officer/Workplace Relations Advisor
Human Resources Team  |  Enabling Services  |  Corporate Division

t +61 2  6249 9018



Exit Surveys

The APSC is looking at their Exit Surveys and would like to hear from agencies happy to share theirs.

If so, please send them to

Position Description for EL2 CFO

We are hoping other agencies may be willing to share their CFO position description at the EL2 level.

If anyone has one they can share please send to

Kind regards,

Sophie Bailey

Senior HR Adviser
People Team | Enabling Services

Australian Public Service Commission

Affirmative Measures review

The ANAO People Capability team are currently reviewing Affirmative Measures (AM) policies – RecruitAbility, Indigenous, Disability and identified position, and would appreciate hearing from other agencies willing to share their AM policies to assist with our review and planned updates. Please reach out to

APSJobs Mobility Jobs Board

The APSC Mobility Team presented to the Small Agencies Forum in April this year and showcased the upcoming APSJobs mobility jobs board.

The team would like to announce that the new jobs board is now open for HR Practitioners to post temporary opportunities.

Agency users can now login via the agency portal on APSJobs and create a temporary opportunity notice:

  • Temporary opportunities such as secondments and temporary transfers will only be open to Commonwealth employees.
  • The advertising process is simple, fast and flexible
  • Allows managers to reach a broad pool of candidates
  • Advertisements for temporary opportunities are able to be closed once you have found the ideal candidate – no minimum advertising period

Get in touch with the APS Mobility Team with any queries, at

Recruitment Policies


I am reviewing  the ANAO Recruitment Policy and Procedures and as part of this review, I would like to benchmark ours against other APS agencies/departments and also determine how much details should be included. Would anyone be interested in sharing their agencies recruitment policies with us? Happy to share our finished product in return. If you are able to share, please email directly to myself

Thanking you in advance.