Merit Protection Commissioner – Jenny Statton – 13 March 2024

MPC have a Community of Practice which HR practitioners are welcome to join. We meet quarterly online for about an hour and discuss topics relevant to reviews of action (workplace decisions) such as how to conduct a review, procedural fairness, understanding and crafting allegations, conflict of interest, Code of Conduct, performance management and more.

If SAF members would like to join, they can email and we will add you. Our next meeting will be in May or June.

We also have a pre-recorded webinar on our website. It is only 30 minutes long and covers the basics of reviews of workplace decisions and would be valuable for any HR practitioner who is new to reviews, and of course to employees to help them understand their review rights. It would be excellent if agencies included this webinar in new starter induction training and highlighted it to their existing workforces as well.

We have a range of other great resources on our website including tipsheetscase studies and short video explainers which cover the different kinds of reviews that we conduct.

As discussed we offer a range of employer services and any questions about these can be sent to I also mentioned our Myth-busting AI-assisted and automated recruitment tools which may be of use to the group.

We are happy to come out and run information sessions with agencies and provide general advice in respect of reviews. We can be contacted at and 02 8239 5330. We also hope to publish a model Review of Action policy in the coming months and will issue more comms when that is ready.

Jenny Statton

Principal Review Officer