APS Academy – 2024 course offerings and pricing


Thank you for your ongoing support towards building Craft capability across the APS. We appreciate your patience while we have been finalising APS Academy offerings for 2024.

We are excited to let you know, the Academy will be in a position to take course bookings for 2024, from 9am Monday, 4 December. Mixed agency bookings can be made through the usual process via APSLearn and single agency bookings can be made by contacting APSAcademy@apsc.gov.au. We have included details on the single agency booking process for information (please see attached).

The Academy has recently undertaken 3 key pieces of work to ensure the Academy can sustainably address emerging trends across the Service into 2024. These pieces of work included a review of Academy Craft calendar offerings, prioritisation of Academy Craft course offerings, and a review of the Academy’s charging model. The charging review covered all Craft courses, SES leadership and Executive programs, and the Graduate Development Program.

Prior to the Academy’s Craft course calendar being released on 1 December, we would like to provide you with some background and outcomes of this work – which is included below. If you have any questions, or would like more detail, please contact your Academy Relationship Manager.

Academy Course Prioritisation & Offerings

The Academy course prioritisation work was guided by 3 principles – Craft, Practitioner-Led and the Academy’s networked model. The Academy has prioritised all current course offerings with the highest priority being offerings unique to the APS, including (but not limited to) SES Integrity Masterclass, Strengthening Partnerships and Delivering Great Policy. These offerings will be offered on a regular basis with an uncapped level of single agency deliveries. Other offerings will continue to be provided, but on a more limited basis, including for both mixed and single agency deliveries.

Academy Course Pricing

In 2024, the Academy will be making an incremental increase to existing Day Rates for Craft offerings. Academy day rates for 2024 take into account the course prioritisation work undertaken by the Academy with costing based on best practice internal government charging principles under and the Australian Government Charging Framework.

Day rates for Academy Craft courses will be provided as half day, full day, two-day and three-day rates, providing a consistent pricing approach across all Academy Craft offerings. The revised price of Craft courses from 1 January 2024 are below:

Academy Day Rates (1 January – 30 June 2024)

Course duration Face-to-Face Virtual
1/2 Day $700 $700
1 Day $1,225 $1,225
2 Day $2,000 $2,000
3 Day / Specialised courses $2,200 $2,200
Single Agency $8,000 $8,000

The Academy is using a phased approach to introduce an increase in course fee pricing, and the current day rates to be implemented from 1 January 2024 are not the final changes to be applied to current pricing arrangements. Course fees will be reviewed along with Academy engagement data in the first quarter of 2024 to inform the amounts and timing of any additional incremental increase from 2024-25. 

Once again, we thank you for your patience and for your ongoing support for the APS Academy. Please feel free to reach out to our Academy team if you have any questions or wish to discuss how the Academy can support the learning and development needs of your agency.

APS Academy

Learning Experiences and Engagement – APS Academy

(02) 6202 3933 e. apsacademy@apsc.gov.au


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Evaluating Regulatory Systems MicroCert available

The APS Academy has partnered with the University of Melbourne to design an innovative approach to public sector capability development.  This post-graduate micro-credential, co-designed with practitioners from across government, is highly relevant and fit-for-purpose to build the capability of public sector regulatory staff.


Over 6 weeks, participants in this online course will:

  • Enhance understanding of government regulatory systems
  • Gain essential skills to evaluate regulatory processes
  • Develop solutions for complex regulatory problems
  • Enhance understanding of the role of regulators as stewards
  • Critically analyse regulatory systems to support agencies’ and individuals’ make decisions in the public interest.


If you have regulatory practitioners in your agencies who wants to improve skills in public sector regulatory practice, then this is for them. Staff from diverse backgrounds of educational or disciplinary fields will together learn more about key concepts, frameworks, and skills required of regulators.


The Evaluating Regulatory Systems MicroCert provides:

  • access to industry focused learning and development opportunities
  • credit towards postgraduate degrees and unlock pathways to further studies
  • improved capability with an industry recognised digital certificate
  • knowledge of regulatory decision making.


The course costs $1,990 (incl. GST) with the next intake commencing on 12 June 2023. Once successfully completed, an Evaluating Regulatory Systems MicroCert be awarded. This digital certificate will warrant the achievement of knowledge, skills and capabilities outlined in the learning outcomes.


Register interest before Sunday 11 June 2023.