Public holiday substitution

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are settling into 2023.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) are looking to make contact with Agencies who have developed or implemented policies or guidelines about Public Holiday substitution.

My contact details are:

Angela Farrell, People Business Partner

Thank you for your assistance.

Cultural Leave during NAIDOC week

DPS is enquiring about the use of cultural leave during NAIDOC week.

In regards to the cultural leave, we were hoping to hear from other agencies as to who they have cultural leave available to during NAIDOC week.

Specifically, is it available to those of non-indigenous background to utilise in order to attend NAIDOC week celebrations, or is it just limited to Indigenous people to access during this time.

Any direction and advice would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Ellen Patat-Tanevska

HR Advisor Legal and Conduct | Corporate Operations Branch

Corporate Services Division

T: 02 6277 9772 | E:

Relocation Assistance Procedures and Policies

ACLEI would like to hear from agencies able to share procedures and policies on relocation assistance.

Thank you

Aimee Kerin

Assistant Director, People & Culture

(02) 6141 2246

Transition to Retirement Guidelines

 AMSA are keen to hear from agencies able to share examples of transition to retirement guidelines.

Many thanks,

Anna Sirosh


Relocation Allowances for SES Employees

I am seeking information on what other agencies pay in relocation allowances for their SES employees and whether this is at a different level to other employee’s. I’d also appreciate any information on how it is structured.

Can you please provide the information to

Heidi Gardiner

Executive Manager, HR

Regional Investment Corporation

Request for Policies relating to SES and Non-SES remuneration

The Australian Digital Health Agency would like to hear from Agencies who are able to share any policies relating to SES and Non-SES remuneration.

Many thanks.

Annette Savery

Senior Advisor, Establishment & Reporting

Phone:  +61 7 3023 8510


Remote Working Policy

I’m keen to hear from agencies who are able to share their Remote Working policy – ie working from any location in Australia.

It could be covered under flexible working policies, but I’m keen for specifics on who pays for that person coming from their remote location to the office from time to time and applicable allowances.

Many thanks,

Kim Williams

Director of Business Operations

Office of the Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman

321 Kent Street


Tel:          02 8871 8725

                 0427 944105 (mobile)

Flexible Working Arrangement Policy

DPS is currently looking at updating their Flexible Working Arrangement Policy.

If agencies are able to share policies in regard to flexible working arrangements we’d be grateful if they could be sent to

Kind Regards,

Ellen Patat-Tanevska

HR Advisor Legal and Conduct | Corporate Operations Branch

Corporate Services Division

T: 02 6277 9772 | E:

Parliament House | PO Box 6000 | Canberra ACT 2600

Travel Arrangement Policies

ACLEI are interested in other agencies policies on travel arrangements, specifically as it relates to recording time whilst travelling for both administrative and executive classifications.

We would greatly appreciate it if small agencies could share their policies via email to, or they can contact me directly on 0439 391 409.

Thanks so much – Helen

Helen Ward CAHRI

Assistant Director People & Culture

higher duties policies

Hi everyone,

I am keen to hear from agencies able to share their policies on Higher Duties.


Simon Bartholomew

Senior HR Advisor

Murray–Darling Basin Authority