Communication and Change Policy request

We’re looking at drafting a new policy here at the NHFB – ‘Communication and Change’ (we don’t currently have one). We would love to hear from agencies holding anything similar that they’re willing to share.

Our aim is to outline/define what makes effective communication, and potentially set out a communication framework for all levels of the agency (and likely extending this to external stakeholders). The focus will be on communicating change.

Many thanks,

Tanya Day (she/her)

Human Resources Manager ­– Policy, Planning and Performance Section

National Health Funding Body

Improving the transparency of public hospital funding in Australia

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NEMA is looking for anyone able to share an example of a similar policy, please reach out to

Consultative Committee Training for members

Within the Agency we have a Consultative Committee which is committed to communicating and consulting with employees and their representatives on workplace changes that affect employees. The Committee is the peak consultative forum for AIATSIS management, staff and their nominated representatives, noting the ACC is not a decision-making body.

In the Charter, it states that new committee members will receive training in governance and other training to enable them to perform their committee functions. Does anyone have a similar consultative committee and know of any relevant training that members can engage in or onboarding materials?

Isabella Wilson
HR Officer

People Services
Strategic Operation Group
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The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) would like to hear from agencies who can provide their shared learnings to date regarding the upcoming Fair Work Legislation Amendment coming into effect 6th December 2023.

We would be keen to understand what type of data you have reviewed, any communications planned/scheduled around this upcoming change and share our findings as well.

If you would like to share your findings to date, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact

Thank you


Requesting Assistance with HR Delegation Formats

The OAIC are in the process of reviewing our HR Delegations, post the amendments to PS Regulation and introduction and standing-up of the NACC.

We are hoping other agencies may be in a position to share copies of their current HR delegations (even if requiring updates to reflect the above) as we’re seeking to review the format and layout of ours.



  Stuart Cater (He/Him)

Recruitment Specialist (Assistant Director)

People & Culture | Corporate Branch

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Canberra, ACT

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Privacy framework

Office of Parliamentary Counsel is reviewing their Privacy Management Framework. If you are able to share your framework, they would be grateful, and are happy to return share following their review. Is your Privacy Officer in HR or another part of your agency? Please contact Sue Pedder at  Thanks in anticipation.

Document Verification services

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority are looking to implement document verification services as required under the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF). They are wondering what company/service other agencies use and if there is a particular service the APS is supposed to use?

Please contact Bree Harris with your response or post a response here.



The Australian Digital Health Agency Workforce Planning Team are reviewing their Establishment/Position Management processes, with the aim of formalising these into a framework to streamline how the positions and establishment are managed.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind Regards

Bec Carubia

Assistant Director, Workforce Planning & Analytics, People & Capability, Corporate Services Division


ANAO is currently undertaking a review of all its HR policies/procedures and the HR Policy Framework.

We are hoping some agencies would share with us:

  • how their HR Policy Framework is structured
    • do their policies include procedures are these separate
  • a list of HR policies that sit within that framework
  • a copy of their policies

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Karen Gruber

Director | People Advisory

Australian National Audit Office

Tel: 02 6203 7572

Data Strategy

Dear Members

I am wondering which small agency may have developed a Data Strategy and would be willing to share with FSANZ.

Many thanks,

Luci Henson