Tracking RAP deliverables

Hi all,

We’ve recently come across Weavr, a First Nations made program used to track Reconciliation Action Plan deliverables, their First Nations strategies, or their First Nations development plans.

I’m hoping to gain feedback from users on its usefulness, whether it delivers value for money and how your organisation adapted to using the program.

If anyone has experience with this Weavr, I would love to hear from you!

David Sun

Gender Equality Strategy/Information

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies are seeking information from other small agencies around a Gender Equality Strategy, initiatives and/or general information such as Terms of References that agencies are happy to share with us.

support for employees with disabilities


I am from the National Gallery and searching for information on any initiatives or programs implemented by other agencies to support employees with disabilities.

If you have any insights or are happy to share what your agency does, please post here or email Thank you!

Jawun program enquiries

The National Archives of Australia is hoping to hear about other small agency’s experience regarding the Jawun program. They would like to know what the average costs agencies incur for a 6 week APS secondment, and also whether agencies pay staff the full 6 weeks of TA or if they choose another option. If people are able to email Norrae Johnston, at that would be greatly appreciated.

Forming a Women in Leadership Network

The Culture team at DHA are forming a Women in Leadership network and are hoping to hear from agencies able to share their Terms of Reference or experience in setting up a similar network.

Please send all replies to

building D&I Network


I am new to the HR and D&I space and I was hoping to build up a network across smaller agencies in the APS.

I’m particularly interested in hearing what other agencies have got planned on their D&I calendars and if there’s a possible chance of interagency collaboration on some events.

Please feel free to reach out to me at


Adrian Abbate

Diversity and Inclusion Programs

AUSTRAC would like to hear from agencies able to share their D & I programs.

Please post onto the Policies, Procedures and Guidelines if you are able to share with all SAF members.

Otherwise please contact Naomi directly.



Gender and Inclusion StrategY Initiatives

ACIAR are seeking ideas from other small agencies that have implemented some initiatives as part of gender and inclusion strategy and/or Gender and Inclusion Strategies that agencies are happy to share with us.


Lisa Zaretzky
Manager | Human Resources
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
P  02 6217 0556 | M  0435 121 773 | E  Email:

accreditations and memberships

The Department of the House of Representatives is reviewing the range of accreditations and memberships they hold.

We would like to hear from SAF members regarding what, if any, organisational accreditations and/or memberships they maintain. For example AHRI Corporate membership, Australian Network on Disability (AND) membership or Rainbow Tick Accreditation.

Please let Kate know via phone (02) 6277 4284 or email at

delivering diversity and inclusion outcomes

Fair Work Ombudsman would like to hear from agencies about what structures or supports you have in place to deliver diversity and inclusion outcomes. For example, do you have a diversity and inclusion team? Do you have staff networks or Executive champions that have an active role in driving diversity and inclusion initiatives? We’d also be really interested to hear from any agencies where this function sits outside of their human resources area. Please email or give Jacqui a call on 02 6218 0545.