SES Capability training

The following courses for SES may be of interest:

The Integrity three-part series course is designed to support SES staff to strengthen integrity culture within their organisation. It has been developed in response to the 2020 Report into consultations regarding APS approaches to institutional integrity, led by Mr Stephen Sedgwick AO.

The Band 1 Leadership course is offered to strengthen the leadership skills of experienced senior executives across the broader APS. The face to face delivery of this course will enhance the talents of participants to think broadly and strategically. It will also demonstrate how to experiment and take more informed risks and be open to challenge.

The SES Orientation course is designed for newly promoted or long term acting SES from within the APS, and newly recruited SES (Band 1-3) from outside the APS, this program will identify and build the critical capabilities needed to survive and thrive in senior executive roles.  The curriculum includes practical tips, techniques and strategies for senior executives in the APS and complements agency-specific orientation and on-boarding programs. 

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