Merit Protection Commissioner services

About the Merit Protection Commissioner

The Merit Protection Commissioner (MPC) is an independent statutory office holder established under the Public Service Act 1999 and the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 to perform a range of employment-related functions.


We support agencies, departments and employees to meet their responsibilities under the legislation and Australian Public Service (APS) and Parliamentary Service Employment Principles.


Our recruitment services

The MPC provides specialised, best-practice recruitment services tailored to the needs of your APS or non-APS Commonwealth department or agency on a cost-recovery basis. We can manage every stage of a merit based recruitment process, including providing advice, recording interviews and decisions, preparing referee and selection reports.


The MPC gives your agency access to specialised recruitment services, highly experienced selection committee convenors, independent committee members and scribing staff. This helps your agency build the skills of staff involved in recruitment and improve your recruitment processes.


Further information

We also provide a range of other services to employers and employees. Visit our website for further information, or contact us at

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