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I’m keen to hear from agencies who are able to share their Remote Working policy – ie working from any location in Australia.

It could be covered under flexible working policies, but I’m keen for specifics on who pays for that person coming from their remote location to the office from time to time and applicable allowances.

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Hi Kim,

I experienced this in a previous role. The remote working agreement included a nominated ‘office’ and agreement that the staff member was responsible for travel costs to this office when working from the office was required.

Hi Kim,

We reviewed this in the lead up to the transition back to office based arrangements as follows:
RIC will pay for travel and accommodation expenses for employees to travel to the RIC office for work purposes at the direction of the RIC where:
• They have a fully remote based working arrangement, permanently reside outside a 100km radius of Orange and have been directed to attend the Orange office.
• They have an Orange based or hybrid working arrangement in place but are required to work from the Orange office on a day outside of their agreed work pattern, and they permanently reside outside a 100km radius of Orange.

For employees who have either Orange office working arrangements (including full office or hybrid), the RIC will not pay for travel or accommodation expenses for those days that they attend the Orange office under their agreed work pattern regardless of their distance from Orange.

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