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I am seeking information from agencies who have had any experience with certain teams having to essentially be on-call outside of normal working hours. Our comms and media team are wanting to set up a roster, and are curious about what their entitlements are, and whether perhaps it falls under a restriction allowance. Basically, they want someone to monitor the mailbox outside of Monday – Friday after 6pm and action urgent media requests.

I would be grateful if your agency has had a similar circumstance, would you please contact me to discuss the circumstances, or, send me any relevant information that may assist us in putting something together.

Thank you

Aimee Kerin | HR Advisor

National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

P: (02) 62715689

E: aimee.kerin@pmc.gov.au

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Hi there. AIATSIS currently pays their staff who are on restriction / on-call a rate of 10% of their hourly rate for each our they are on-call and then if the staff member has to carry out any duties, they receive overtime in lieu of the on-call allowance. Happy to have a chat about our experiences if that might help.

Alan Coxhill
HR Manager

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