indigenous australian cultural awareness modules other than ‘core’

I am hoping to reach out to the SAF, to ask whether there is an Indigenous Australian Cultural Awareness Course/Module that another organisation is willing to share with DVA? We have found the length of CORE, means DVA employees do not complete the course.

We are looking for more of a bite sized approach, an off the shelf option, that addresses the foundational elements of Cultural Integrity.

Thanks in advance.

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Courtney Swain

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Department of Veterans’ Affairs


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There is another course on Learnhub called Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness which is much more of a short approach. It’s also really good but will only take about 60-90 minutes to complete as opposed to CORE which is more like ten hours.

I would imagine that DVA will already have access to the course (presuming that they have Learnhub access), but happy to discuss if there are any queries.

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