Handling the Increase in COVID

The National Recovery and Resilience Agency are keen to understand what other Agencies are doing with the increase in COVID across the country, ie mandatory working from home etc. Please contact aimee.kerin@recovery.gov.au if you can share.

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The MDBA has assessed the APSC advice, health advice etc and is comfortable that our current settings for flexible working are consistent with the health advice from the different states. Our staff are required to work two days in the office and three from home. We will keep this under review. However, given the community transmission, we now are strongly encouraging all staff who attend the office to wear masks when commuting in the office, in common areas (kitchens and breakout areas) or when social distancing cannot be maintained.

CASA is keeping a watching brief on medical advice in all jurisdictions. We have not changed any of our existing COVID settings. Expectation is that you are in the office unless you have a working from home arrangement in place.

AgriFutures Australia is also working in line with our flexible work arrangements (normally 3 dpw or more in the office). We regularly update staff with the latest advice and have recently recommended masks where social distancing cannot be maintained. We are not seeing significant adoption of masks. We review weekly.

The AIHW are also encouraging staff to wear masks when moving around the office. We have also temporarily removed the need for staff to be in the office for two days per week and are allowing staff to work from home 100% of their time if that is their preference in the current environment. This will be monitored and reviewed in two weeks time.

Since 18 July, we have introduced the following measures:
– Staff may choose to work fully from home during this time. This is not a mandate and they may continue to work in the office in line with their approved current working arrangements.
– Mask wearing in the office is strongly encouraged, though not mandatory at this time.
This was initially for 2 weeks and has now been extended until 12 August. We will review these measures again on 10 August. Thanks. Anna

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