Feedback on travel allowance provisions

The MDBA is currently reviewing its travel allowance (TA) provisions and is seeking feedback on the rates and provisions adopted by other small  agencies. Until now, the MDBA has provided travel allowance in accordance with ATO guidance as per Taxation Determination 2020/5. This categorizes TA into three tiers, meaning non-SES staff at the EL2.2 level or above receive a higher allowance than other non-SES staff.

The MDBA is now looking to align with the APSC rates which simplifies the provision of TA to SES or non-SES staff.

Before confirming a change to our TA provisions, we are interested in your feedback on how TA is implemented within your agency. If you would be happy to share your TA approach our contact is Ellynne Nguyen 02 6279 0135

With thanks

Cedelle Burroughs

People and Culture and Regionalisation program



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