executive assistant structure

The ACMA is interested to hear from other agencies regarding their Executive Assistant structure.

Currently the ACMA is considering the following Executive Assistant structure:

SESB1 – APS4s or APS5s

SESB2 – APS5s or APS6s

Authority and the Chair – APS6s or EL1s

It would be great to hear what other agencies do in this case.

Many thanks

Jeannette Pucci

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Austrade has the following EA structure:
SESB1 – an APS4 supports two, and sometimes three, SESB1s
SESB2 – an APS5 or APS6 supports an SESB2 (classification varies based on experience)
SESB3 – an APS6 supports an SESB3
Agency Head (CEO) – an EL1 supports our CEO

We only have one EA position in MoAD (that was an APS5), and it covered both our SESB1 and our appointed officer. After conducting a work value assessment, we upgraded it to an APS6.

Every other agency ive worked for has the same structure as Austrade.

Hi Jeanette

MDBA has the same approach to EA classifications, however our APS 4 EA provide support two or three Band 1s.

Our SES Band 2 have an EA and EO.


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