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We are currently looking to review our Consultative Forum (Forum) and are seeking to gain some insight into how our counterparts in other agencies are managing their Forum (or their agency’s equivalent).

By way of background, our Forum consists of management (SES) and employee representatives. It conducts quarterly meetings with the view to facilitate discussion and ensure mutual understanding between management and employees who are affected by management decisions. These forums are important in that they give a voice to employees and allow their concerns and interests to be represented to upper management. This promotes a collaborative and healthy working environment.

My understanding is that other agencies have adopted different nomenclature, however, the essence of these Forums are similar.

In particular, we are interested in:

  • How subcommittees are formed and operated,
  • Membership to the Forum,
  • Whether members to the Forum also include representatives from diversity networks, and
  • Any other information or materials as to the constitution and operation of their Forums.

Please contact me on the details below if you can assist.

Warm regards,

Hee Jin Choi

Legal Officer | Legal and Conduct

Corporate Operations Branch | Corporate Services Division

T: 02 6277 9751| E:

Parliament House | PO Box 6000 | Canberra ACT 2600

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