building an agency intranet

The Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority are a tiny (around 70) person agency, established in 2017.

We are part-way into building our first agency intranet and have hit a couple of sticking points. We’re really interested in talking to other small agencies to learn how they have set up their intranets, with particular interest in hosting solutions, including implementing single sign-on and managing security requirements in a small agency context (limited resources).

Thanks, Helen

Helen Woittiez

Senior Communications and Media Advisor

Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority

One Canberra Avenue, FORREST ACT 2603

T: 02 6215 1548


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Hi Helen, Our Agency has an MOU with DESE IT who built our intranet on sharepoint. Then we were able to add content which is very user friendly. DESE are doing this for many Agencies perhaps you could reach out to find out more from them?

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