APS6 Security and Risk Coordinator

The job opportunity

The National Museum of Australia has a compelling opportunity for a security and risk professional to join a fresh team dedicated to delivering streamlined and effective security and risk functions, with a primary focus on effective Museum security.

Over an initial two-year period, you will work with the Risk and Security Manager across the whole organisation to identify opportunities for the streamlined delivery of security services and assistance with risk management for the Museum. You will secure the invaluable national historical collection, respond to and investigate security incidents, work with close personal protection teams and contribute to security risk assessments.

Your duties include:

– contributing to a positive, safe and inclusive culture

– applying your ability to learn, adapt and innovate to support delivery of the Museum’s objectives

– with the objective of keeping the Museum’s people and collection safe: responding to security vulnerabilities and incidents; investigating causes and developing controls; overseeing the Museum’s security operations and supervising an APS5 responsible for the day-to-day security tasks

– contributing to the identification of emerging risks and opportunities to put the Museum in the best position to respond

– supporting processes that ensure the Museum achieves its objectives in the face of uncertainty

What will the successful candidate bring to the role?

The ideal candidate will have a practical, positive and innovative approach. You will be creative and open to learning, adapting and playing with ideas. You will produce considered and constructive pathways through problems and when challenging situations present, you will step back to collaborate and find a productive solution.

You will interpret legislation and other security and risk related compliance documents and know where to find the relevant information to support your decisions and duties.

Ready to apply?

Consider the role and the information above and provide a two-page pitch that demonstrates your relevant experience in the delivery of security and risk services in a public-facing setting, focusing on your qualities and skills.

Visit https://www.nma.gov.au/about/employment and apply online.

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