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Managing Remote Teams

Practical coaching and training for managers on how to manage their teams in a remote environment. Participants will have the opportunity to develop skills, and discuss concerns and barriers with flexible remote working arrangements

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Sketch-noting Meetings and Conferences

Sketch-noting is a technique, framed within visual thinking, which consists of taking notes in a more creative way by combining the use of handwritten text with graphic elements (usually simple drawings). Sketch-notes are generally a personal capture of just about anything (even a holiday) for you to recall later. Most applicable for APS 4 – EL 2 staff.

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Getting that Selection Right

This program helps members of selection committees conduct effective selection processes.

Examine relevant legislation and principles guiding staff selection and retention.

Create effective selection practices that include building rapport with applicants and managing judgements and evaluations. This is pitched at APS 1 – EL 2 levels.

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Influence  Negotiation and Persuasion

Explore aspects of influence and the psychology of persuasion. Understand how verbal and physical language affects interpersonal exchanges, including negotiations, meetings and briefings. Build your practical knowledge and experience through discussion and participation.

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What’s ahead

What’s next in your learning journey? The APS Academy supports lifelong learning across your public service career. Visit our website to find an event, course or resource for your next learning experience and subscribe to MyAcademy, Our subscribers are the first to find out about new Academy offerings!

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