2022 Mental Health Framework – IP Australia

IPA is happy to share its work on the Mental Health Framework.

The IPA Adaptation of the ASPC has been updated after a review of the initial implementation and a systematic scan based on the APSC Maturity Assessment Scale. The Mental Health Framework   (attached)  has now been more closely aligned to the needs of IPA and its partnership with staff.

The Mental Health Continuum has also been updated to reflect the insights provided by the Thrive at Work Framework Mental Health Framework to Support Employees to Thrive at Work.

This is the positioning Statement:

IP Australia is a place where all staff should feel supported in their professional journey – beyond just the role that you do every day. We have a rich diversity across the organisation and we build our capability to meet the current and future needs of the IP system through an empowered, inclusive and collaborative workplace culture. IP Australia recognises that diversity is a key lever to achieving innovation and productivity.

The Australian Public Service promotes workplace culture that nurtures good mental health. IPA supports a culture where people can thrive, participate in healthy relationships, contribute to community, and work towards personal goals. We can all benefit from looking after our own mental health and the mental health of those in our workplace and communities.

We all have a responsibility to create and maintain a mentally healthy workplace. Supporting a culture that prioritises everyone’s safety, prevents harm and promotes diversity, inclusion and acceptance is what underpins an empowered and supportive mental health culture at IP Australia.

Our strategic approach to mental health and wellbeing is supported by our Mental Health Champion, who drives the visibility of our mental health objectives.

Human Resources is the strategic arm to assist IP Australia in achieving its mental health and wellbeing goals by:

Sourcing:             Diverse candidates

Developing:        Mental health aware leaders and a resilient workforce

Measuring:         Progress against our performance indicators

Reporting:           To IP Australia and the executive to raise awareness of our successes

Designing:           Mentally healthy job roles and organisational structures

Supporting:        Our workforce in times of crisis to return to health and wellbeing

Please feel free to contact me if any further information is needed.

Grant Dewar

Project Officer

WHS Mental Health Framework

People Management Branch

Finance and People Services Group

P 0417869411| E: grant.dewar@ipaustralia.gov.au

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