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At the National Gallery of Australia, we are currently reviewing and updating our Selection and Recruitment guidelines and processes.   We would like to hear from any agencies that are willing to share their recruitment policies/guidelines or related papers.  We are keen to see selection and recruitment policies from both APS departments, who employ staff under the APS Act, and from agencies that do not engage staff under the APS Act.

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Hi Riz

The MDBA is also reviewing its Recruitment, Selection and Higher Duties policy (I will send our initial working draft) and I would also be interested in other agency policies please and happy to discuss various approaches and issues.
One challenge I found in re-visiting staff selection after a break from it, was managing the various references, legislation, values and policy advice that underpin APS selection principles and practice.
Thank you

Hello Riz,

Safe Work Australia is currently developing a recruitment guideline/policy and would be interested if you could share other agency policies you may receive. We had put out a request last year, but did not get any feedback. Happy to chat further.

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