Automation of TFN declaration form

The AEC are currently working on a project to enhance our IT capability and one component of this is a revised onboarding portal, which candidates’ access once they have been issued with an offer of employment letter.

The team running this project are investigating the option of automation / digitisation of the TFN Declaration form and I wanted to see if any other agencies have done anything similar to this?

The scenarios the team are investigating are:

  1. The creation of an AEC version of the TFN declaration form into our onboarding portal (this will be an online form which captures the same information as the ATO TFN Declaration form but is not the approved ATO TFN Dec)
  2. Removal of the requirement of the actual declaration form by capturing all of the individual fields in the onboarding portal.

There are a number of possible issues / concerns for each scenario above however I was hoping I could see what other agencies have in place (if any) where the ATO approved TFN declaration form is not being used. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I appreciate your assistance.

Amy Sinclair | A/g Director Payroll, Systems and Reporting

People Branch

Australian Electoral Commission

T: 02 6271 4501 | X: 21463

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Hi Amy,

Unfortunately, I don’t have any assistance to provide you. However, we’d be very interested in the outcome. We’re currently configuring the AURION onboarding module here at ONI and have had some similar discussions.

Kind Regards,
Assistant Director Recruitment

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