POlicy on long leave before retiring

Hi everyone,

We currently allow staff who are retiring to take significant periods of leave before they separate. However we are concerned about the impact on our ASL of having staff on our books for long periods after they effectively stop work. We are thinking about developing a clear policy or position around the length of time that we are prepared to accept staff remaining on our books.

Has anyone seen a formal or informal policy like this?

hr policy evaluation framework

The Australian Sports Commission is looking to develop a HR Policy Evaluation Framework to assess the effectiveness of HR policies with the workforce and would like to hear from agencies who are willing to share their framework or something similar.


Terri Dwyer
Director Workplace Services
People and Culture Branch

Corporate Division

Australian Sports Commission

T   +61 2 6214 1206

harassment contact officer network review

The Attorney-General’s Department is reviewing its Harassment Contact Officer network and we are interested to hear what other departments do in this space. In particular, we would like to know:

  • if your department has a harassment contact officer network, or something similar
  • what the network’s role is
  • how you promote the network within your department
  • what support, training and other processes you have for the network
  • how utilised in your network by staff and
  • how often employees contact your network.

Please contact Bridget Crane bridget.crane@ag.gov.au or on 02 6141 2504.


DPS is reviewing its policy for managing workplace bullying and harassment, we would be interested to see examples from other agencies who may have recently updated their policies, procedures or guidelines – and particularly interested to see whether other agencies combine or separate their policies and procedures/processes.  If you have any of these documents that you are able to share, please email to megan.boyd@aph.gov.au, thank you in advance for any assistance.

mentor and mentee training providers

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is looking for recommendations for training providers who can train mentors and mentees as part of a pilot program. If you have any recommendations please send through to Ben Miller at Ben.Miller@aihw.gov.au.

Code of conduct delegations

Geoscience Australia is reviewing its procedures for managing breaches of the Code of Conduct. We would like to check whether other agencies delegate the power under 15(1) PS Act to determine sanctions and also the power to receive a complaint and determine who investigates from the CEO down to Head of HR. Any assistance to karen.johnston@ga.gov.au

hco network policies or terms of reference

DPS are looking to revamp our HCO network and would be interested to hear from other agencies who are willing to share their policies or Terms of Reference regarding their HCO network.


We are particularly interested in hearing from agencies who have rebranded their HCO profile to include other HR topics, issues, initiatives. 


Many thanks

Marijana Trewartha

Performance and Conduct Advisor | People Solutions

Wellbeing & Performance | Corporate Operations Branch

Corporate Services Division

T: 02 6277 2738| E: marijana.trewartha@aph.gov.au

team building/development workshop facilitator

We are seeking recommendations for a good facilitator to run a team building/development workshop.


Lisa Zaretzky
Manager | Human Resources
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
P  02 6217 0556 | M  0419 460 577 | E  Email: lisa.zaretzky @aciar.gov.au

all staff surveys

The Parliamentary Budget Office is interested to hear from other micro-agencies who have completed an all staff survey (including the State of the Service) specifically with regards to how they have managed the outputs of the survey and what aggregated or disaggregated results have been shared with staff vs executive. Please contact Amanda.Bruce@pbo.gov.au

establishing an alumni group

AUSTRAC is in the early stages of planning for an Alumni group – does your agency have an Alumni group? If so, we would love to hear from you about:

  • The platform you use to host the group (if any) and how this is administered,
  • The intended purpose of your Alumni group,
  • The level of interaction with the group, including types of content shared
  • Lessons learned and any other relevant information.


Please contact Breeahna Murphy to share your information however small it may seem –Breeahna.murphy@austrac.gov.au