performance management and underperformance policies

The Clean Energy Regulator is looking to update their performance management and underperformance policies and would like to hear from agencies who are willing to share their policies.

Please email

chief executive – key performance indicators/performance management processes

The Australian Human Rights Commission is interested in hearing from other small agencies that have Chief Executive – Key Performance Indicators/Performance management processes that they are willing to share? Confidentiality assured. The Commission has recently finalised a CE recruitment process and wants to review our processes against other agencies for additional rigour.

Please contact Tracey Lambert, Director Human Resources at

review of action procedure/policy

I am keen to find out if there are any agencies who will share their Review of Action procedure or policy documents.


Petra Downs

Performance and Wellbeing Section



( Phone: (02) 6141 3466 8  Email:

performance policy request

Department of Veterans’ Affairs is looking to update a number of our People Policies. Are any agencies willing to share policies relating to

  • Relocation
  • Learning and Development
  • Performance
  • Rehabilitation and Injury management related (i.e. fitness for duty, early intervention, reasonable adjustment, return to work, wellbeing)

My direct email is Thank you!

outposting policy and/or supporting resources

The Clean Energy Regulator would like to hear from agencies who have an outposting policy or other supporting resources regarding outposted employees that they are willing to share.

Can you please send any relevant policy or documents to

Rewards and Recognition

The Digital Transformation Agency would like to hear from agencies about their rewards and recognition policies or frameworks. I’d love to speak with other people about how they implemented their rewards and recognition frameworks and what did and did not work for you.

Taryn Field
HR Advisor, Human Resources

carer’s action plan or carer’s strategy

Department of Veterans’ Affairs are keen to hear from agencies who have a Carer’s Action Plan or Carer’s Strategy, that is separate from their Disability Employment Strategy, that they can share.

Please contact

Courtney Swain

Assistant Director, People Strategy

Department of Veterans’ Affairs.


employee value proposition

The Clean Energy Regulator is looking at developing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

We would be interested if any agencies have one in place that may be willing to share with us?

If you can email

examples of principle based people policy

Department of Veterans’ Affairs would like to hear from agencies with examples of principle based People Policy with separate procedure and guideline documents.

We’re moving away from a prescriptive approach to writing People Policy and are looking for policies that are approximately 4-5 pages long, principle based, with procedure and guideline documents to support the application of the policy.

Any replies may be forwarded to or to and

performance management framework

Has anyone recently updated their performance management framework or has a good framework in place and/or what rating scales are agencies using?

Specifically we would like to know what is the focus in the framework and are agencies using a two point rating scale (e.g. satisfactory/not satisfactory) if so, how is it working and what are the advantages/disadvantages of the two point scale in reality.


Lisa Zaretzky
Manager | Human Resources
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
P  02 6217 0556E  Email: lisa.zaretzky